About Us

How We Got Started

Our stories might all be a little bit different but at the heart of things we’re all touched by the same story. We are or know someone or are the parent of a child with XXY / Klinefelter’s Syndrome.

Some of us have known all our lives while others learned about our chromosomes as we tried for children or perhaps had a health issue that highlighted the diagnosis.

Our Mission

Unofficially until we gain NZ Charity status our personal mission is to continue to support each other.

Going forward we intend:

  • To encourage XXY guys, parents and families to have a network and meet up.
  • To encourage health, fitness and wellbeing.
  • To provide success stories and information that shares the qualities of being XXY.
  • To encourage parents, families and friends to become aware of what being XXY really means.
Be inspired and watch this great testimony from New Zealand XXY’er Samuel Pierce as he shares his story.

Our Programs


Conferences & Connections

We would love to be able to send one of our XXY’ers to an international conference each year to give them the experience and also to gain better information for our group.


The opportunities here are massive – a lot of information on the internet is quite incorrect for all XXY’ers and we would love to expose and share the positives.

Take up a challenge to review how we can help everyone understand the effects of the syndrome better.


Support & Being Social

Between 1 in 450 to 1 in 1,000 are in fact XXY – plain and simple it is easy to feel alone when most of us aren’t diagnosed.

There have already been a few meet ups throughout New Zealand and we are looking forward to meeting you.