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Coffee & Chat

Samuel Pierce and Mike Coker caught up in November for a chat in Lincoln - one topic was the progress of the NZ XXY charitable trust being setup. Also Michael Ford attended before flying out to Auckland for karate event.

Christchurch xxy’ers meetup

Left to right: Michael, Mike, Sam, Phil, Sam, Rowan Brilliant meeting all the family, partners and xxy'ers last night. The location was ok, next year we'll definitely try somewhere else.

Auckland & Christchurch venues confirmed

Alright ladies and gentlemen Christchurch location has been booked in at Pot Sticker Dumpling Bar at 7:30pm June 28th Friday evening .the address is 144 Lichfield Street Christchurch central 8011. Cant wait to see you all there .   Auckland .. this will be a two...

Our condolences to Sir Lanka

The bombing that happened on Easter weekend in Sir Lanka has left 200 dead and many more injured. Our thoughts and prayers go too all that’s been effected.

A great surprise for Sams 25th, Thankyou Mike for joining

A great surprise for Sams 25th, Thankyou Mike for joining

Samuel Pierce has a huge surprise Birthday party 🥳 for his 25th and Mike Coker came down to Timaru from Christchurch to support Sam for his birthday.

Sam said “ I’m simply so damn happy As I found out I’m xxy and from all of this Iv made some incredible friends and some that I even see as family, I feel blessed to know Mike made an amazing effort for me , thankyou mike “

It’s great to see the xxy guys supporting one and other , Mike good job .

Meet up between two xxy guys. Dinner for four.

Meet up between two xxy guys. Dinner for four.

Rowan and his wife Leiah came down for some good chats and dinner at Sams and Anna’s house in Timaru , at the start of February 2019. Enjoyed a beautifully cooked roast chicken done by Sam and then some yummy desserts . Was...

Oamaru Local Chat & Beer

Oamaru Local Chat & Beer

Great to hear about two of our local NZ XXY'ers getting together for a chat. What an amazing meet up between Fraser and Sam at the Enfield pub in Oamaru for a beer and a catch up 🙂 both had to travel some distance - but it was well worth it!